How to set up a CNC Lathe.Installation and commissioning of lathe machine.Foundation and Levelling.

Installation Procedure.

  • Foundation
  • Machine Inspection
  • Machine Placement
  • Leveling
  • Grouting


As per layout drawing make drill hole.Place the foundation bolt and apply concrete.Make sure that bolts have set hard in concrete.Place the machine leveling plates.

Note:(If Drill holes are without proper marking then don’t apply concrete.Because the machine hole and bolt may not matched. Concrete should apply to bolts after machine is placed and levelled.)

Machine Inspection

Check the machine for any damage.Clean the rust prevention coating by using kerosene.Lubricate the machine surface.

Machine Placement

Using machine anchoring rod lift the machine and move to foundation site.Lower it to suitable position.Place the machine on leveling plates.Assemble with foundation bolt and clamp it.


Use leveling bridges or spirit level for leveling.Place the spirit level on machine.Check the level of both long and cross of machine.Loosen all the nut foundation bolt.Use the machine leveling bolt for leveling .This bolt may be with machine or leveling plates according to different machine.

The leveling accuracy should be 0.02mm per meter.

Tightened the foundation bolt carefully.

Run the machine main spindle or chuck for two hours before grouting.Recheck and adjust the level if necessary.


Check machine level and foundation bolt before grouting.Fill the gap between the machine base and ground with cement grout.leave for 24-30 hours.Recheck the level before operating.

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CNC lathe Machine Operation & Manitenence


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