Learn CNC machine operator daily checklist.Daily routine of a CNC operator to maintain the machine.

The operator should follow these points before starting the machine.And after shutdown the machine.

Checklist for Operator

Points to be checkedRequired valueAction to be taken
Oil Level Of Hydraulic tank & Automatic
lubrication tank.
Oil level should above from half of Indicator.If Oil level is low then Top Up oil and start the machine.
Cooling System of
Hydraulic Tank/Chiller Unit.
Check the temperature.It should below 32°C.If not ,then inform maintenance department./Check compressor and blower fan.
Cooling system of
PLC/Electrical panel.
Below 25°C.If not then set the temperature./Check compressor ,temperature sensor and blower fan.
Any leakage from
Hydraulic power Pack/Valve.
There should not be any leakage.If any leakage and inform to maintenance department.
Hydraulic Pressure.Pressure should be according to manual(Drawing) of machineIf not then set the pressure.
Condition of Main Spindle
/Chuck belt .
Belt should not slip during breaking.Change the belt if it slips.
Any Abnormal sound
from main motor/Spindle motor.
There should not be any sound from bearing.Lubricate the bearing.Or check the oil flow to bearing.
Vibration in Spindle or Chuck.There shoild not be vibrationIf vibration is more then tighten the check nut of bearing adjustment.(For milling head of milling machine.).For lathe machine check the bearing of chuck.
Temperature of Spindle /Chuck(Bearing temp.)Temperature in spindle should be less.If temperature is more.Check the bearing.Inform to maintenance section.Lubricate the bearing.
Hydraulic Motor and
Pump Coupling Condition.
Power transmission should smooth.If there is vibration or noise then check the coupling.
Condition of Coolant.Ratio of Coolant and water should be proper.Otherwise it will damage the bed/rust the bed.Change the coolant if a bad smell comes from it.
CNC machine operator daily checklist

Maintenence of CNC Machine.

How do you maintain a CNC machine?

  1. Cleaning

    Clean the machine every day before and after operation.

  2. Lubrication

    Check the Automatic lubrication unit which lubricate the bed of all axis.Check the oil level of Gear box and hydraulic unit.

  3. Observation

    Observe the vibration,any abnormal sound & temperature display.Check any leakage from hydraulic circuit.

  4. Preventive maintenance

    Preventive Maintenance should be carried out regularly according to schedule.

  5. Predictive maintenance

    If any part found abnormal during observation then rectify it.


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