Turret of cnc lathe machine.

Turret meaning

It’s a tool station which can index any tool for operation.It’s clamp and unclamp are controlled by hydraulic.

IT can be rotate by hydro motor or servomotor.

Turret CNC
Turret CNC


  • Curvic coupling
  • Cylinder Piston for clamp and unclamp.
  • Index gear
  • Proximity switch
  • Motor

How to Operate Turret?

It’s indexing is controlled by hydraulic.The curvic coupling help to clamp the turret in accurate position in any station.

The hydraulic cylinder unclamp it during indexing.Springs are used to hold it in clamped position.


  • Remove tools and tool holder from it.
  • Remove all necessary guards.
  • Ensure for it’s unclamp position
  • Hold it by crane through rope.(Use eye bolt).
  • Remove the speith nut,lock nut and all mounting bolts.
  • Carefully remove it.If stuck then use a puller.

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