Safety rules in machine shop.Safety Precautions in CNC machine.CNC machine equipment safety.Safe operating procedures for machinery.

Workshop General Safety Rule

These General safety Precautions will help to produce a defect free product and working environment.This will enhance the productivity.

Serial NumberRules
01Never use Machine part as a work bench.
02Machine Area should be well free ,dry and illuminated.
03Always follow the company’s procedure during material handling.
04Use Proper PPEs during machining or material handling.
05While Operating machine avoid wearing long sleeve and rings.Don’t wear long hand gloves.Use hand gloves as per standard.For example use cut proof gloves during maintenance.
06Don’t blow the chips by mouth or compressed air.
07Operator or Technician working floor should free from oil.
08Tools or fixture keep away from rotary equipment.

Safety for Operator

01Certified Operator should operate the machine.
02Operator should read the operation manual before operating the machine.
03Machine Lamp should work properly .It should not directed towards the operator eyes.
04Before starting machine the operator should observe the machine surrounding .If any unusual condition like oil leakage or any smoke then inform immediately.
05All door of machine like electrical panel ,hydraulic unit cover should be closed before starting the machine.
06Test the Emergency buttons.
07Stay Away from rotating component.
08During loading and unloading the jobs stop the spindle.
09Don’t Blow the metal chips.

Service and Maintenance Safety

  1. Tool box talk is must important before maintenance activity.
  2. Appoint Qualified person for maintenance activity.
  3. Always wear maintenance gloves to avoid cut on hand.
  4. Follow manuals instruction during maintenance.
  5. Clean the slippery area before work.
  6. Use LOTO for shutdown work.Lock out & Tag Out.
  7. Use standard tools for maintenance.
  8. Safety permit is required for height work.

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