Tool wear types.CNC troubleshooting for turning tool.Tool wear and tool life.
What is tool wear?

Breakage or too short tool life.

To reduce breakage and reduce short tool life ,we need to reduce cutting data.

Reduce Feed rate & reduce cutting depth.

Wear Pattern on the insert.

Wear pattern on the InsertTrouble shooting
Insert FractureTo avoid insert fracture we should select
thicker insert,tougher grade and stronger
chip breaker.
You should reduce depth of cut and feed rate.
Edge chippingWe should select tougher grade and stronger chip breaker.
Cutting speed- Increase
Feed rate- Reduce
Notch wearCutting speed- Reduce
Feed rate-Reduce
Tool- Smaller setting angle.
Comb cracksCutting speed- Reduce
Feed rate-Reduce
Coolant flow- abundant flow/shut off coolant
Plastic deformationCoolant- Use
Grade-Wear resistance
Cutting speed-Reduce
Feed rate-Reduce
Flank wearCutting speed- reduce
Grade-Wear resistance
Crater wearCoolant- use
Grade-Wear resistance
Cutting speed- Reduce
Feed rate-Reduce
Cutting edge build upCutting speed- Increase
Coolant- Without Coolant
Feed rate-increase
Chip HammeringFeed rate- Change
Depth of cut- Change
Tool holder- Different setting angle


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