learn CNC machining process flow chart-CNC machining process flow diagram.

CNC machining process flow chart.
CNC machining process flow chart

Flow chart Explanation step by step-

Steps of Flow chartExplanation
StartStart the Machine
Load the raw materialLoad the raw material on machine/Hold by chuck.
Set offset/work co-ordinateTouch the tip of tool(Master tool) on face of the work piece and set the Z value Zero.Again touch the tip of the tool on OD of work piece and set X value as OD value.(G54 X_Z_.).For details read-Basic of cnc programming.
Set tool GeometrySame like master tool set offset for all other tools.For details of Tool geametry read-Basic of CNC programming.
Run the programAfter Offset setting run the program for rough cut with high feed.
Finishing cut programAfter rough cut measure the job and give the finishing cut.
Measure WorkpieceAfter finishing cut measure the workpiece.If the material not removed completely then we have to set Tool wear.
Tool wearSet tool wear if material not removed completely.After set the tool wear again run finishing cut program.For details of tool wear read-Basic of cnc programming.
StopAgain measure the job and remove from chuck
CNC Workflow step by step

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