CNC programming examples for turning-CNC Programming for Turning.This is the basic example of turning programming.Beginners can get the complete idea about the turning operation.

CNC Programming for Turning
CNC Programming for Turning

Program(Fanuc Oi-TB)

O0001(Plain Turning);




G30 P3 U0 W0;


G92 S1000;

G95 F0.2 T0101;

G96 S250 M04;

G00 Z3.0;

G00 X56.0;

G01 X50.0 M08;

G01 Z-40.0;

G1 X56.0;

G00 X200 M09;


G28 U0 W0;



Program Explanation-

N1Sequence number.
T0Tool wear cancel.
For details of Tool wear read-Basic of cnc programming
G40Cancelling G41 & G42.
G30 P3 U0 W0Home position.
P3-position,U=X axis,W=Y axis.
G54Work coordinate.
G92 S1000Limiting speed.
G95 F0.2 T0101Feed & Tool.
G96 S250 M04Cutting speed & spindle rotation.
G00 Z3.0Safety distance for Z axis.
Tool will move rapidly to Z3.0.
That is tool will stop at a distance 3.0 from face.
G00 X56.0Safety distance for X axis.
Tool will move rapidly to 56 diameter.
As the diameter of raw material is 54.
G01 X50.0 M08Tool will move in feed to 50 diameter.
M08-Coolant ON.
G01 Z-40.0This is the turning movement
of tool upto Z-40.0 as per drawing.
G01 X56.0Tool will return to safety postion with feed.
G00 X200 M09Tool will move to a safety distance of 200 diameter.
M09- Coolant ON.
T0Tool wear cancel.
G30 P3 U0 W0Home position.
M01Optional stop.
M30Program stop and recycle.
CNC Programming for Turning

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