How do you troubleshoot a Hydraulic system.Learn about Hydraulic solenoid valve troubleshooting.Hydraulic pump trouble shooting gude of CNC machine.

Hydraulic pump troubleshooting guide

FaultRoot causeSolution
Noise in Pump1- Coupling problem.It may misaligned.
2– Air intake from suction pipe.
3- Inlet pipe is pressed/Clogged which will restrict the flow.
4- Air Bubble in Fluid .
5- Inlet filter clogged.
1- Check the Coupling.Check the shaft bearing.Replace if necessary.
2- Tighten the joints.Pour fluid on joints and listen the sound.If there is air leakage then sound will be changed.
3- Pump should receive oil freely.There should not be any restriction in flow.
4- Check the return line.It should be below Oil level.It should be well separated from inlet line.
5- Clean the filter.
Pump Unable to deliver1- Low Oil level.
2- Wrong Motor direction
3- Coupling Damaged/Coupling locking damaged.Coupling shaft Key damaged.
4- Inlet line plugged.
5 – Inlet filter clogged.
1- Check oil level.If low then add oil and ensure the inlet line of pump submerged in fluid.
2- Check the motor direction and pump direction.Both should match.If direction mark in pump is not visible then change the motor direction once.
3- Dismantle the motor and pump .Check the both shaft and coupling.Key or locking of coupling on shaft should be in Proper condition.Replace if necessary.
4—- Clear the inlet line.
5- Clean the Filter.
Pump Unable to Develop pressure.1- Pressure reducing valve setting disturbed.
2- Relief valve not working.
3- Leakage in valves or cylinder.
4 – Low Oil level .
5- Filter Clogged.
6- Check return line filter or any valve .
1- Set the pressure reducing valve properly.
2- Check the relief valve .It should be in working condition.Check its spring,oil seal and screw piston.
3- Ensure there should not be any leakage.
4- Check oil level.
5- Check filter and clean or replace.
6- Clean return line filter or replaced.Check if any valve is there .Oil should return freely to tank.

Hydraulic System Troubleshooting

How do you troubleshoot a Hydraulic system?

  1. Oil temperature is High

    Check the cooling system .Check the Pressure drop or Oil leakage.Oil condition should be proper.Replace if necessary.

  2. Oil Leakage

    Replace the Oil seal of valve and cylinder.Check all the hose pipe joints.Check the oil temperature .If it is high then it will damage the oil seal.

  3. Faults in Pumps

    Read the Hydraulic pump troubleshooting guide of above paragraph.

  4. Leakage from Cylinder piston

    Replace the oil seal.Check the piston.There should not be any scratch.This will damage the oil seal.Replace/repaire the piston if necessary.

  5. Valve faults

    Dismantle the valve check its spool movement,spring,and oil seal (O ring).Replace if necessary.

  6. Hydraulic system Over heating

    Low efficiency causes oil temperature high . And Over heating in Hydraulic system




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