Different types of pump in hydraulic systems are gear pump,Vane pump,etc.

Types of pump in hydraulic

Types of pump in hydraulic

  • Positive displacement pump
    • Rotary pump
    • Reciprocating pumps
  • Non positive displacement pump
    • Centrifugal pumps
    • Axial flow pumps
    • Radial flow pumps

Rotary Pumps

There are three types of rotary pumps.

  • Gear pump
  • Vane pump
  • Screw pump

Gear Pump

  • External Gear pump
    • Spur Q fixed
    • Helical Q fixed
  • Internal Gear pump
    • Crescent Q fixed
    • Gerotor Q fixed

Vane Pump

  • Vane in Rotor(Sliding vanes)
    • Unbalanced
      • Q- fixed
      • Q- variable
    • Balanced
  • Vane in Stator(Inverted Vanes)
    • Q-fixed
    • Qvariable

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