Difference between Pneumatics and Hydraulics systems,actuators,cylinder,machines,pressure gauge and symbols.

Differentiate pneumatics and hydraulics system

Pneumatic systemHydraulic system
1-Pressure developed by compressor.1-Pressure developed by pump.
2-Pressure can be stored.2-Pressure is used immediately.
3-Pressure can transfer upto 1000m.3-Upto 100m only.
4-Air flow because of pressure difference
between source and and other point.
4-Oil flow due to pump.
5-Smooth operation of actuators.5-Shock tendency.
6-Motion of actuators is not uniform.6-Actuators motion is uniform.
7-Fast piston movement.20-40 m/s.7-Slow piston movement.2-6 m/s.
8-Used where less force required.8-Used in high force application.
9-Produce less temperature.9-Oil temperature is increase.
10-This system required lubrication.10-Oil is lubricant itself.
11-Corrosion occurres.11-Not occurred.
12-No fire hazard.12-Oil leakage causes fire hazard.

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