Tool holders CNC .CNC tool holder.CNC tool holder types.

Tool holders cnc

  • External Tool Holder
  • Internal Tool Holder

External Tool Holder-Turning


1-Insert Clamping

  • P-Pin/Wedge/Lever
  • S- Screw
  • C-Clamp
  • M-Pin/Clamp
  • D-Clamp/Inserts with centre hole.

2-Insert shape

  • A-85°
  • B-82°
  • C-80°
  • D-55°
  • E-75°
  • K-55°
  • M-86°
  • V-35°
  • W-80°

3-Tool type

4-Insert side clearance angle

5-Cutting direction

6-Shank height

7-Shank width

8-Tool Lenght

9-Cutting edge length

10-Internal designation


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