Steady rest in Lathe.

Steady rest in Lathe
Steady rest in Lathe

What is steady rest in lathe?

Steady rest avoid deflection of job or eccentric movement of cylindrical job.

It has jaws which hold the work piece.The jaws having bearing or roller .The work piece rotates with bearing/roller support.

The roller and bearings are mounted on cylinder/barrel.

Some times roller or bearing can be replaced by brass piece to support work piece.

This is mounted on the Bed of Lathe by nut and bolts.It can be slide on bed according to work piece length.

The Barrels/Cylinders are adjustable according to diameter of work piece.The barrels have screw for movement.


  • Apply lubricant in all points.
  • Clean the screw of jaws in regular interval.
  • Replace bearing or roller if damaged.
  • Replace nut of jaw mounting if required.

CNC steady rest

In CNC the bearings are mounted on ARMS.The movement of arms are controlled by hydraulic.

According to requirement the arms can open or close.

Arms are connected to hydraulic cylinder and piston.When piston will move the arms are moving.

Types of Steady Rest

  • Collapsible top
  • Removable top
  • Swiveling top
  • Travelling steady rest
  • C-form steady rest
  • Open grinding steady rest.
  • Closed Grinding Steady rest
  • Open steady rest
  • Roller Steady rest.
  • Roller Steady rest with slide.
  • Sliding steady rest
  • Floating roller block
  • Ring steady rest.
  • Ring steady rest with surface plate

For details of steady rest click here.

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