Proportional valve symbol and working principle.

Proportional valve | Proportional valve symbol and working principle
Proportional valve

In this valve the power supply to solenoid coil can be controlled by a regulator.It is same like conventional valve.In this valve the coil voltage can be very.

In this valve the spool movement can be controlled.The spool can be moved as per our requirement.

A amplifier is used to control this valve.It’s an open loop control.Large hysteresis (0.5%).

USE – flow,direction and pressure control.

Spools are overlapped.

We can use LVDT(Linear variable Differential Transformer) for feed back of spool movement.

Benfits of Propertional Valve

  • The operation of this valve is very smooth.
  • It synchronize multiple actuator.
  • Used for remote operation.
  • Step less control.

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CNC Operation & Maintenance.


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