Specification of hydraulic pump

IPH-4B-25-LT-11 -Specification of hydraulic pump (Example). Specification Description IPH IPH Series IP pump 4 Size(Example-2,3,4,5,6) B Mounting(Example-A :Foot Mounting,B:Flange Mounting) 25 Delivery(cc/rev) LT Auxiliary symbol(No Symbol:Clock wise rotation,T(LT):With threaded type flange kit,E(EL):With welded type flange kit 11 Design Code For More details-Click here. Learn CNC Programming-Click here CNC Maintenance

Hydraulic pressure switch | Types of pressure switches

Types of Hydraulic pressure switch. There are four main types of hydraulic pressure switches. Gage Pressure switch Absolute Pressure switch vacuum pressure switch Differential pressure switch Mechanical Pressure switches Electronics Pressure switches Mechanical Pressure Switch This Switch is activated when fluid pressure reach to set value.It may contain Bourdon tube,piston,diaphram Read more…