Working principle of hydraulic pumps-It convert mechanical energy by pushing the hydraulic fluid into the system.

It some times called as generator.It is designed to give motion or flow of fluid.

Pump push the hydraulic fluid into the system,because of resistance in fluid flow pressure developed.

The pump never predetermine the pressure.The pressure build up according to resistance to flow.

Pump rating

It can be rated by

  • Maximum operating pressure
  • Flow(e.g-LPM-Liters per minute)

Volumetric efficiency(%)

The actual output divided by the theoritical output.

Types of Pumps-Click here.

Positive Displacement pump:

Positive displacement pumps are used when pressure is primary consideration.Delivery and suction sides are separated.Fluid can’t return to suction side.

It is also divided into

  • Fixed delivery pump:-No control in flow rate.
  • Variable delivery pump:-Variable flow rate.

Example:-Gear pump,Piston pump,screw pump.

Advantages of positive displacement pump

  • Provide high pressure.
  • High efficiency
  • Flexible performance

Non Positive Displacement pump:

In this pump fluid can be transferred using inertia of fluid in motion.These are suitable for low pressure.

Advantages of positive displacement pump

  • Low cost
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Less noise
  • Simple operation


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