What is the principle of Hydraulic system?

Hydraulic System works on Pascal’s law.

Pascal’s Law

Pressure of fluid in an enclosed is uniform in all the direction.

Functions of hydraulic system

The main function of hydraulic system is to create linear motion or circular motion.

Hydraulic pressure Formula

Pressure(P)=Force(F)/Surface Area(A)

Hydraulic principle formula


Components of hydraulic system

  • Power pack
  • Actuators
  • Hose pipe
  • Manifold
  • Oil Cooling unit
  • Oil cleaning unit.
  • Dehydration unit.
  • Temperature sensor

4 basic principles of hydraulics

  • Speed of Actuator movement depend upon fluid flow rate.
  • Load depend upon pressure.
  • Fluid flow always in lower resistance path.
  • Heat depend upon pressure drop.

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