Lathe machine operations , maintenance and tools.

Lathe machine
Lathe Machine

Conventional Lathe Machine Error

Head Stock Breakdown

  1. Chuck is getting low speed during more cutting feed.
  2. Gear shifting problem-Low/High Rpm.
  3. Rpm selection problem.
  4. Chuck not rotating in Forward/Reverse direction.
  5. Chuck Breaking problem.

Chuck Breakdown

  1. Jaw jamming.
  2. Screw replacement.
  3. Chuck rotation not uniform.
  4. Chuck vibration.

Other Breakdowns

  • Feed not working.
  • Tool Post Vibration.
  • Rapid Movement fails of Carriage Gear Box.
  • Tail Stock Barrel Jammed.
  • Turning is not unform.
  • Thread cutting Problem.
  • Coolant not coming.
  • Abnormal sound from Pully .
  • Cross movement of toolpost jammed.
  • Rapid movement of Carriage Gear box jammed.
  • Tool post jammed.
  • Chuck/Spindle Brake failure.
  • Chuck jamming.
  • Jaw jamming.
  • Abnormal sound from Steady rest.
  • Head stock heating.
  • Proper feed not getting for turning or facing.
  • Proper pitch not getting for thread cutting.
  • Proper Speed not Achieving by Chuck.
  • Taper in Turning .
  • Chattering in turning.
  • Lubrication problem in head stock.
  • Lubriction problem in bed.
  • Taper Wadge wear and tear.
  • Box Nut Damaged.
  • Feed Bush Damaged.
  1. Chuck is getting low speed during more cutting feed.
    •  Cause no-1Clautch not taking load.

                Electro magnetic   

         -Check the telescopic brush /Power supply point which is used to provide power supply to clutch .  – If the brush is ok /power supply to clautch is ok then check the clautch plate.

–Check the Gap Setting.

– Check  Clautch plate coating layer/Groove  is damaged then replace it.

           Mechanical clautch

        -If clautch is mechanical  then do the proper gap setting.

       – If the problem not solved then check the clautch plate.

         -If the groove of clautch plate is wear and tear then replaced it.

Cause no-2- Belt Loose./Pully problem.

     -Check the belt whether it loose or damaged.Check the  shaft key of Pully.If damaged then replaced.

– If damaged then replaced .If  loose then then adjust the tightness.

-If cnc Machine then Check the Motor /Check the reference voltage to Motor drive.

  • Cause no- 3- Motor Fault-

Repaire the motor /If CNC then check Motor Drive.

  • Cause no 4-Gear Box Problem-

Check the gear box if any bearing damaged.


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