Bearing maintenance checklist .Bearing maintenance procedure.

Bearing maintenance
Bearing maintenance

Tools Required.

  • Mechanical Tools
  • Hydraulic Tools
  • Heating Equipments

Checklist Before Mounting/Dismounting

  • Necessary tools ,equipments,drawings need to ready at work place.
  • Ensure the cleanliness of shafts,seals,housing and other parts.
  • Core sand & burrs need to remove.
  • Dimensions of all components need to check.
  • Remove the bearing from its cover during installation only.


  • Maintain cleanliness to prevent damage to the race ways from contamination and corrosion.
  • Force should not be applied to the rolling element or cage.
  • When mounting on a shaft,force should be applied to inner race.
  • When mounting inside the housing,force should be applied to outer race.
  • If heating required then heat it upto permissible temperature.


Use proper puller like mechanical puller or hydraulic puller to remove the bearing.

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